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Rep. Trey Gowdy’s hair gets some seriously well-deserved attention… NakedDC highlight’s the South Carolina Republican congressman’s hairstyles, some clearly better than others. I love this. See here.

Is Dave Weigel suddenly Jewish? Slate‘s Weigelstein writes a story on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and what’s wrong with it. In it, he calls himself a “schmuck” for having a podcast. He also goes for the use of “oy” at one point. Weigelstein essentially believes MTP needs to spend more time exploring story topics. In other words, less is more. Read here.

Is Lara Logan too much trouble for what she’s worth? This story by Joe Hagan has everything: drama, trouble, sex, sexual assault, the reporting of bad reporting, crazy internal politics at CBS and 60 Minutes. And the most important thing? Suspense. Will they or will they not take her back? It’s a must-read.

See the world’s 10 happiest countries, decide where you want to go…The Mirror‘s top choice: Copenhagen. See here.

Ezzy doesn’t like anyone bullying Gov. Christie… Here’s the thing: Vox Media‘s Ezra Klein has a fair point about comedian Joel McHale‘s WHCD act. His fat jokes on New Jersey Chris Christie were a tad too mean and weren’t even that funny. But Ezra preaching about not bullying the bully stretches a touch too far. Excerpt: “When a trim, handsome guy like Joel McHale repeatedly mocks a fat man for being fat on national television, it’s not speaking truth to power. It’s bullying. It’s a reminder to any overweight kid who happens to be tuning in that even if you become as successful as Chris Christie you’ll still be mercilessly mocked for your weight.” Here’s the thing. McHale making fun of Christie the bully is not McHale making fun of fat children who already lead tough enough lives without a comedian picking on them. As a comic, McHale must go into every subject area he wants and not face the Ezra Klein ‘you hurt my feelings’ police. See here