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The #BenghaziDenier-Industrial Complex

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Here’s the latest bit of Benghazi-denial, this one from Politico.com:


“Pseudo-scandal.” Well, of course it is, Mike.

You can go over to Politico and read the whole thing, if you think that’s a good use of your precious time on this planet. For me, it’s enough to know that Michael Hirsh is dutifully helping his fellow JournoListers as they try to minimize this scandal. How frustrated he must be that it just won’t go away, despite the most diligent efforts of our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media.

There’s a pattern to these types of stories that the media simply doesn’t want to cover:

  1. Ignore
  2. Deny
  3. Deflect
  4. Report

The John Edwards debacle is the first example that comes to mind. The media didn’t want to report about his hidden lovechild, so they didn’t. Then, as more and more irrefutable evidence surfaced, they denied there was any story there. When that didn’t work, they tried to deflect the blame onto anybody but Edwards. Finally, when all other options failed, they were forced to do their damn jobs.

And that scandal didn’t even involve murder, let alone the murder by terrorists of an abandoned U.S ambassador on the anniversary of 9/11. That was a cakewalk compared to Benghazi.

#BenghaziDeniers need to insist this isn’t a huge story. What else can they do? It is a huge story, self-evidently so. Therefore, they need to do everything they can to make just enough people believe otherwise. If they admit there’s even an iota of evidence, their whole forcefield of unreality will shatter like one of the ashtrays Hillary throws at Bill.

Unfortunately, the more our media gatekeepers squeal, the more attention they draw to themselves. If they really thought there was no “there” there, they wouldn’t be sweating so hard denying it. They’d simply ignore it, as they keep beseeching the rest of us to do. (For an example, see the comments under this post.)

Hope you’re having a great Monday, #BenghaziDeniers. Pace yourselves, and remember to stay hydrated.

Meanwhile, Tommy “Dude, This Was Like Two Years Ago” Vietor is still playing the victim as he defecates all over the memory of those murdered in Benghazi:

Tommy started his career in politics as a van driver. So he’s always got a fallback plan.


Alex Pappas has more.

Update: “And there aren’t aliens in Area 51 and Vince Foster wasn’t murdered.” As Ann Althouse notes, Jane Harman has tipped the #BenghaziDeniers’ hand with these words. The only ones ignoring facts and engaging in conspiracy theories are the people trying to cover this up.