Dem Congressman: ‘Republicans Don’t Like Immigrants’

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern said Tuesday that Republicans “don’t like immigrants,” prompting a fiery scolding from Republican House Rules Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions.

McGovern, complaining that the House has yet to vote on comprehensive immigration reform, began to offer a question in a House Rules Committee hearing “For my friends on the other side of the aisle, who don’t like immigrants -”

“I believe that statement is basically unfair” Sessions snapped at McGovern, telling the Democrat “not to make inflammatory remarks which not only are not true but are meant to be politically in nature against someone.”

“I didn’t mention anyone’s name,” McGovern replied.

“I categorically reject that,” Sessions said.

McGovern asked for a chance to “rephrase that,” then delivered a statement complaining that Democrats in the House “can’t get a vote on comprehensive immigration reform.”

“The American people should be angry with the way this Congress, this House of Representatives, handled this issue. You don’t want to vote for it, vote no. But we deserve a vote,” McGovern said.

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