Huntsman Says He’s Open To Another Presidential Run

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Jon Huntsman thinks Hillary Clinton is just the cat’s meow, but that doesn’t mean the failed 2012 presidential contender isn’t leaving open the option of launching another disaster of a campaign in 2016.

“Well, at the risk of totally destroying my future of politics, I have to say [Hillary Clinton] is a very impressive public servant,” the former Republican Utah governor told Larry King during an appearance on “PoliticKING” on something called Ora.tv that will air Thursday. “You know, as a young Republican you are trained to go after the Clintons and Hillary Clinton of course was the nemesis during the Clinton years and then you have an opportunity to work with her as Secretary of State.”

“And I have to say I haven’t been around too many people as professional, as well briefed, as good with people at all levels of life,” he continued. “Whether, a head-of-state or the person holding open the door. I think that’s the measure of a leader. Someone who is gracious and kind to all people. And I found her to be a good listener too. All attributes of somebody who is — we might not agree with all the issues — but I have to say she is a very, very capable person.”

Despite effusing over the woman who will be the Democratic frontrunner if she enters the 2016 race for the White House, Huntsman said he won’t rule out a possible presidential bid for himself.

“I’m a public servant, Larry, and as a public servant I found that politics is a lot about serendipity, you know, it’s hard to be able to pre-plan where you might find yourself as a public servant. I never thought I would run for governor,” Huntsman, who served as ambassador to China during the Obama administration, said. “I never thought I would be in China as the United States ambassador. Things happen.”

The political things that happened to Huntsman in 2012 weren’t so great. After entering the Republican primary late, Huntsman became liberals’ favorite Republican candidate and among conservatives’ least favorite. The former allowed him to garner glowing coverage in Vogue magazine while the latter provided him the opportunity to spend more time with his family after the New Hampshire primary.

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