Miley Cyrus Encourages Fans To Smoke Weed [VIDEO]

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Singer and role model Miley Cyrus has some really great advice: Don’t smoke cigarettes — but DO smoke tons of “fat joints.”

During a concert in London on Tuesday night, Miley told the crowd to stop smoking cigarettes because they kill you.

“You know what, weed has never killed anybody, you guys know that right? So instead of smoking cigarettes, why don’t y’all just smoke a fat joint?”

She talked about how she used to smoke cigarettes, but stopped because it was making her look old and giving her bad breath.

“The minute I started smoking these joints and stopped smoking cigarettes I could get any guy — and girl — to fucking make out with me because my breath smelled so nice,” she said. “Weed is much better. Weed won’t kill you.”