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Apparently she’s on Team Ritchie

“How great is it that @nicolerichie rocks the Met Ball every year while that twit Paris Hilton is stuck in some Euro trash club?” — Publicist Courtney Cohen. Don’t forget, in two days Paris will be at the Echostage in Washington.

Journo Love or Journo Jealousy? 

“So my driver in Roanoke tonight is a HUGE @BretBaier fan. Pretty much all he wanted to talk about.” — RedState‘s Erick Erickson.

Anyone offended by MSNBC’s portrayal of Cinco de Mayo is insane…Of course, they apologized. And, of course, HuffPost, calls it the “worst possible” segment because what’s a day without someone being offended by something in the media? Ridiculous. See here and here.

‘Resurrecting Monica Lewinksy’

“@alanagoodman I don’t think you’ve been properly thanked for resurrecting Monica Lewinsky.” — Washington Free Beacon‘s Truth Monkey, an undisclosed Twitter character from the publication. Alana Goodman is a reporter for the pub. In February she released “The Hillary Papers,” which were documents of conversations that possible presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton had with her close friend Diane Blair. In them, Clinton called Lewinksy a “narcissistic loony toon.”


The Media Observer

“Age of consent doesn’t mean Clinton didn’t ruin Lewinsnkl’s life, damage her 4 life. Sociopath media just see her as in way of 2016 agenda.” — Breitbart NewsJohn Nolte.

Self-promotion is GREAT! 

“Who will promote you if u don’t promote yourself?” — one of GOP consultant Roger Stone‘s “Stones Rules” for living.


Hey D.C. men, listen up!

“It’s time for men to face these issues.” — Washington’s The Grooming Lounge. The issues include dirty skin, oily face, shiny dermis, major wrinkles and eye bags. See here.