Why Did A School Security Guard Put This 7-Year-Old In Handcuffs?

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A Kansas City, Missouri, second grader admits he was misbehaving at school, but why did a security officer feel the need to place him in handcuffs?

Area parents and local reporters are wondering the same thing.

Seven-year-old Kalyb Primm Wiley started screaming in school after some other kids were bullying him. He defied orders to calm down, and was eventually taken to the principal’s office at George Melcher Elementary School.

At no point in time did he become violent or threaten anyone, according to KSHB.

Still, a security officer cuffed his wrists behind his back.

“He twisted my wrists a little,” said Kalyb.

His parents disagreed with the school’s decision.

“I don’t think any seven-year-old should be in handcuffs unless he was armed with a weapon, or violent,” said Kalyb’s mother, Tomesha Primm.

A representative for the school district said that handcuffs should only be used on students as a last resort. The district will investigate the incident.

In the meantime, Kalyb’s parents have decided to transfer him to another school.

Update: A representative for the school district told The Daily Caller that handcuffs would only be used in a situation where a student had become a danger to himself or others. The district was unable to comment on the specifics of the case, however, due to federal privacy laws.

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