Don’t Panic, But There Are Tornadoes Made Of Fire Now

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Sometimes there are times when everything feels right in the world and you don’t have to worry about anything other than what you’re having for dinner. Earlier this month in Missouri was not one of those times.

Janae Coplin was driving when she said she saw, “A farmer burning off his field and as we stopped so I could take a picture the wind whipped up this fire twister.” She saw the face of the devil himself.

More importantly, according to the Weather Channel, these demon fire tornadoes are not uncommon. They said, “These fire vortices are likely more common than you think. Given the proliferation of cameras, smartphones and social media, we’re seeing more documentation of this phenomenon recently.”

Apparently, “Firewhirls turn and burn. They are rapidly spinning vortices that form when air superheated by an intense wildfire rises rapidly, consolidating low-level spin from winds converging into the fire like a spinning ice skater, pulling its arms inward.”

So, that’s something new to think about when you picture what the apocalypse will look like.

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Sarah Hofmann