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BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I had someone yell at me on the street the other day. Hey Dr. Drew! I was like ‘f–k [BLEEP] you…’ Sorry [laughter].” — CNN’s Anderson Cooper discussing people he’s mistaken for. One of the latest was The Voice‘s Adam Levine, who recently dyed his hair platinum.

Overheard in the Newsroom 

“It reminds me of the end of Animal Farm when you look in the window and you can’t tell the difference between the pigs and the farmers. Reporters do a good job, but still. It’s too — incestuous is the wrong [word] — you want these people to fight, but they’re not fighting. When cats and dogs slobber over each other, it’s time to worry that something is deeply wrong.” — Anonymous reporter opining on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Eating gets emotional for WaPo columnist

“I don’t know what’s going on with me these days but eating Bojangles has become an extremely emotional experience.” — WaPo columnist Clinton Yates.

Headline to click on despite shame induced 

#DearPrudie: ‘Help! I’m a flight attendant and I’m sick of men who don’t flush on planes. What gives?'” — Slate. See here.

Journo finds hope in a Starbucks commercial 

“Hey hey, Starbucks commercial just gave a shout-out to lesbian moms. ‘Two moms are better than one.'” — HuffPost‘s Jennifer Bendery.

Ex-flack says some House GOP lawmakers are dumb

“So this select committee will have access to highly classified intel. Some of the house r’s being considered can’t even walk and chew gum.” — QGA’s Jim Manley, 21-year Senate flack.

D.C. journo: American Idol has got to go 

“Had American Idol on in the background while putting dinner together and the contestants I heard suck. Why is this show still on?” — HuffPost‘s Sabrina Siddiqui.


“Glenn Greenwald called me an ‘uber-nationalistic imperial spokesman’ today. Should I get new business cards or just put it on my LinkedIn.” — Vox Media content editor Max Fischer.

The glass is half empty 

“TV News Rule #1: If there’s only 2 issues on a meeting agenda, the meeting never starts with the issue you are covering.” — Tom Fitzgerald, Fox5.


HUMBLEBRAG: “Aboard Nighthawk 4 heading into Los Angeles with WH press colleagues @steveholland1 and @Goldfarb” — AP White House reporter Jim Kuhnhenn. Zachary Goldfarb (left)works for WaPo; Steve Holland (right) works for Reuters.

Restaurant reviewer offers clue as to where he is 

“The only thing missing from tonight’s dinner is … a stripper pole. #amiinvegasordc?” — WaPo‘s Tom Seitsema.

The Media Critic: OUCH! 

“WaPo offers lesson: How to start with an interesting story and write a really bad, biased article.” — Washington Examiner‘s Byron York, who links to this story on Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.).


“Congrats @POLITICO on your Product Placement!” — C-SPAN Communications Director Howard Mortman.

Story getting a lot of buzz in the last 24 hours: Slate‘s Amanda Hess writes about NYT columnist Maureen Dowd‘s shoddy treatment of Monica Lewinksy. See here.