Obama’s Economy In Action! Just 17 PERCENT Of College Grads Have Real Jobs Waiting

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Just like in 2008, college students and the rest of America’s youth voting bloc voted enthusiastically for President Barack Obama in 2012. For example, Obama trounced Mitt Romney among young people by a margin of 67 percent to 30 percent in populous and crucial states including Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, according to a Tufts University study.

So, freshly graduating college students of America, how is that vote working out for you in 2014 as you prepare to accept your hard-earned diplomas?

Not very well at all, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Over 80 percent of all graduating seniors have zilch in the way of jobs lined up for their post-campus lives, according to the poll conducted by AfterCollege, a website that connects job-seeking college students with employers.

Overall, the survey says, a paltry 17 percent of students have managed to land any kind of real job. That’s as of April.

Not surprisingly, given the need to make a living and pay off onerous student loans for the next few decades, 73 percent of the college seniors surveyed said they would very much like to have a job.

Even students who chose to major in in-demand career fields have reported serious trouble finding work, according to the AfterCollege survey. Among seniors who are about to get degrees in engineering, math and technology, for example, 81.6 percent are still seeking jobs.

Among business majors, just over 85 percent are still furiously and fruitlessly sending out resumes.

Employment prospects have gotten a little worse for newly-minted college grads this year. Last year around this time, the same survey showed that 80 percent of the collective Class of 2013 hadn’t found jobs.

The survey suggests that students might not be blaming the perpetually sluggish economy for their unemployment plight. Instead, they are blaming their professors. Just 52 percent of the students surveyed agreed that their college educations had prepared them for life in the cold, cruel world. Last year, the number of students who felt adequately prepared for life beyond campus was a hair under 70 percent.

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