Piers Morgan Shoots Back: Only ‘One Of Us Changed His Name Legally To King’

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Piers Morgan is firing back at Larry King after the man he succeeded at CNN knocked him in an interview with Howard Stern Wednesday.

“Hey Larry @kingsthings – you don’t need to KEEP bitching about me. It’s over. Relax,” Morgan tweeted at King, linking to a Daily Caller summary of King’s appearance on the Stern show in which he berated Morgan for focusing too much on himself on his now-defunct CNN show.

Morgan also slammed King for his last name in a tweet.

“As for our respective egos, one of us changed his name legally to ‘King’ and it wasn’t me. So get over yourself @kingsthings,” Morgan tweeted.

Morgan’s show replaced “Larry King Live” at CNN in 2011, only to be canceled earlier this year because of low ratings.

See all of Morgan’s tweets responding to King below:





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