This Sums Up Why You Should Be Scared Of The Ocean

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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The ocean is a mysterious place. We still have very little idea what’s going on deep in the trenches other than terrifying creatures live there and are blind due to the darkness. They find their prey via a sophisticated form of sonar that senses terror.*

Even the creatures that roam the blue beyond that we are able to study are the thing of nightmares. Take the octopus for example. It’s often depicted as a friendly creature to kids; its multiple arms the perfect nature-happy way to give a face to an eight-hosed backyard sprinkler. However, these creatures are more dangerous and skilled than anyone could imagine.

They have amazing camouflage, so you will never see them coming.

They are known to attack divers.

Perhaps most scary of all, when captured and put in jars (as one does to hold an octopus captive), they’re able to use their suction to twist the lid open and escape.


Do you want this around your children? Do you want to expose them to this danger? Stop the madness and expose these sea aliens for what they are. Dolphins are also evil. (SEE RELATED: Dolphins will rape and kill you.)


*This may be untrue

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