Johnny Football Got Totally Cuckolded, And Everything You Need To Know About The NFL Draft

Sarah Hofmann Contributor

The first round of the 2014 NFL draft had lots of hype leading up to it. While most teams didn’t need quarterbacks, most of the attention was still on Johnny Manziel and where he would end up.

That attention was misplaced, however, as viewers had to wait almost three hours before a team finally selected the cocky quarterback from Texas A&M. The Houston Texans had the first pick and went with defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, widely considered to be the single best all-around player in this year’s draft.

The St. Louis Rams took offensive tackle Greg Robinson, who has the opportunity to help out Rams quarterback Sam Bradford. The first shock of the night came when the Jacksonville Jaguars picked up University of Central Florida’s quarterback, Brett Bortles. Bortles wasn’t considered an especially strong pick, and definitely wasn’t projected to get picked up before Manziel.

While the draft continued, coverage became increasingly focused on Manziel’s face. With every team that selected a player other than the media darling, commentators and Twitter became increasingly puzzled and anxious for Manziel to be chosen.

He ended up being selected by the Cleveland Browns after two hours and 43 minutes. The only other quarterback in the first round, Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville, was selected last, by the Minnesota Vikings, with the 32nd pick.

See a full list of the first round picks on ESPN. The draft continues through Saturday night.

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