Friday Night SEX

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Football-crazy Permian High School in football-crazy Odessa, Texas is justly famous ever since the excellent 1990 book – and later the 2004 alpha-male tear-jerker film – “Friday Night Lights” chronicled the life and times of the Permian Panthers.

Turns out, Permian High is famous for more than just football, though. It’s also absolutely legendary for teachers who have sex with underage students.

Just since last spring, five Permian employees have been accused of engaging in improper relationships of a sexual nature with students, according to the Standard-Times in nearby (by West Texas standards) San Angelo.

Mark Lampman, 47, a government teacher and the girls golf coach at Permian, was the fifth teacher to face an accusation regarding an improper relationship with a student.

The teacher of 17 years at Odessa Permian committed suicide on Wednesday. The cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

School officials had confronted Lampman about the alleged improper relationship with a female student on Tuesday.

After speaking to school officials, Lampman resigned.

School district spokesman Mike Adkins noted that school officials have tried to address the perpetual student-teacher sex problem at the local high school by having annual training sessions for school district employees.

“If we knew why (these situations occur) we could address it directly and very quickly,” he said, according to the Standard-Times. “It’s as frustrating to us as it is for our community.”

The other four incidents involving Odessa Permian students and staffers are in various stages of criminal proceedings.

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