Deputy Who Choked Student Gets To Retire, Won’t Face Charges

Robby Soave Reporter
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The Tennessee sheriff’s deputy who choked an already restrained and unarmed college student until the 23-year-old passed out has been allowed to retire from the police force, and will not face criminal assault charges.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office fired Deputy Frank Phillips after reviewing photographs that showed Phillips choking University of Tennessee student Jared Dotson, but now will let him opt for “deferred retirement,” according to The Knoxville News Sentinel.

The incident occurred last month in the aftermath of an end-of-classes party at the UT campus. Raucous and inebriated students allegedly threw beer bottles at cop cars, necessitating several arrests. Dotson was one of those arrested. He did not resist or disregard police orders, instead quietly accompanying an officer to a squad car. Dotson was motionless when Phillips took hold of his neck and began choking him. The student eventually fell to the ground, unconscious. (RELATED: Shocking Pics: Tennessee Cop Choked Peaceful Student Until He Passed Out)

Freelance photographer John Messner snapped several photographs of the shocking encounter. The Daily Mail published them.

Phillips had planned to appeal his termination, but is content with deferred retirement, according to WBIR.

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