From The Archives: David Lee Roth Explains Why Van Halen Banned Brown M&M’s [VIDEO]

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Back in the 1980s, the David Lee Roth incarnation of Van Halen was a huge arena rock band that toured large, packed arenas around the world.

Well, a huge arena rock band is nothing without a full-blown set full of megawatt lights and amplifiers and the whole shebang. That set was quite a bit of work.

Tucked into the middle of contract rider the size of a “Chinese phonebook” concerning the set, Roth explains in the video below, he had a clause subtly placed that demanded a bowl of M&M’s backstage but declared “there will be no brown M&M’s in the backstage area or the promoter will forfeit the show at full price.”

Do you know why? The Daily Caller surely isn’t going to spoil it for you. But here’s a hint: It most definitely was not out of rock star excess. Like any rock stars who manage to endure for years, Dave and the crew had a far savvier reason for the contract stipulation.


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