Putin Dominates Hockey Game While Separatists Take Over Eastern Ukraine [VIDEO]

Scott Greer Contributor
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Vladimir Putin took the ice Sunday to show off his skills in hockey, while pro-Russian separatists in two eastern regions of Ukraine held referendum votes to secede from their country.

Putin, despite being 61 years old, miraculously scored six goals in an amateur match in Sochi, Russia, with players who were all much younger than him. Meanwhile, the referendums held in the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk resulted in the rebels declaring the results showed the vast majority of residents wanting to separate from Ukraine.

The referendums were condemned as illegitimate by the United States and other Western powers. Earlier this week, Putin called on the pro-Russian protesters who have taken over entire cities in Eastern Ukraine to call off the referendums. They refused his request and continued on with the scheduled votes.

The referendums, which were overseen by the separatists, were marred by violence as Ukrainian troops reportedly opened fire on voters at the polls.

Crimea, which is now a former region of Ukraine, voted to secede from Ukraine in March and was annexed by Russia following its referendum.

Regardless of the chaotic situation east of Russia, Putin was all smiles during the hockey match and his team went on to win a crushing victory of 21-4 over the opposing team.


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