Watch As An Angry Mob Silences A University Panel In The Name Of Free Speech [VIDEO]

Robby Soave Reporter
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A mob of angry protesters hijacked a panel discussion at Portland State University, loudly chanting, “We will not be silenced in the face of your violence,” over and over again until organizers had no choice but to cancel the event.

The panel, intended to discuss police brutality, drew the ire of the mob by including Kristian Williams, an anarchist author who has clashed with feminists by suggesting that sexual assault allegations should be studiously investigated, rather than automatically assumed to be true.

That statement was deemed to be hate speech by the mob, who accused him of “survivor-shaming” victims of sexual assault, according to Campus Reform.

“You will be held accountable for all the people who feel unsafe by the words that you choose and say, and the way you cast doubt on people who have survived traumatic issues,” said one protester.

The mob loudly repeated the phrase, “We will not be silenced in the face of your violence,” which had the intended effect of silencing the panelists.

Protesters said that they would only allow the panel discussion to continue if Williams left. When the panel refused these demands, the angry shouting continued.

“Fuck Kristian Williams and fuck you trying to silence us,” hissed one of the protesters, who was part of a movement specifically designed to silence the panelists. He was cheered for his remarks.

When the protesters learned cops were on their way to restore order to the event, they accused Williams of using the “fucking pigs,” to silence them.

“Kristian Williams wants people to get arrested instead of walking out the fucking door,” said yet another protester.

Eventually, the panelists decided to cancel the event.

Attacks on First Amendment rights and the values of free speech are all-too common at public universities. A similar thing happened last fall at Brown University, where a mob prevented New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly from speaking. (RELATED: Will Brown U. punish the leftist students who ended free speech on campus?)

PSU President Wim Wiewel did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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