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Here Are 12 Funny Reactions To A Congressman Eating His Own Ear Wax

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Unfortunately Rep. Joe Garcia‘s (D-Fla.) is on lockdown, meaning that Press Secretary Nicole Cueto is not answering phone calls or returning emails. Below are the reactions that jumped out in the wake of Garcia picking his ear wax during a House Judiciary Committee hearing last week and eating it.

12. “More like Congrossman” — Whisper‘s Neetzan Zimmerman.

11. “Let’s have a listen to Rep. Garcia and see if he’s in a mood to wax poetic.” — Zero Dark Obozo, from The Daily Caller‘s comment section.

10.  “You know we’ve all picked our noses, butts, and ears….however it takes a special kind of liberal Democrat to actually still be eating that crap after the age of 5. Maybe that could be the litmus test…if we see children eating ear wax after the age of 5 then we separate them out for re-education and sterilize their parents.” — Scorppiannes, from The Daily Caller comment section.

9. “If I had to see it, you have to see it.” — America Rising PAC’s Tim Miller.

8. “Dems in Dis-ear-ay” — Brendan James, front page editor for TalkingPointsMemo.

7. “Watching this video of Rep. Joe Garcia is making me hungry.” — HuffPost‘s Amanda Terkel.

6. “Tomorrow’s @LizWFB story: ‘Joe Garcia also chews his fingernails and eats them; smelling his own armpits is his lunch'” — DefendWallSt.

5. “Don’t Do That, Congressman!” — National Review headline.

4. “He was obviously very hungry, but we’d recommend eating an actual lunch rather than your own ear wax.” — Mashable‘s Ashley Codianni.

3. “I suppose, technically we should salute Rep. Garcia’s groundbreaking research into ways to fight human hunger.” — National Review‘s Jim Geraghty.

whispering2. An actual conversation in Gawker‘s comment section.

SJFWhite: “As gross as it looks, I suspect he was poking his ear and then realized that his fingernail needed trimming so he bit his fingernail. At least this is what I want to think.”

waitingforspring: “Yeah, I think he was biting his nails, because he looked at the finger and bit it again. The ear wax eating was just an added bonus. Or maybe he found a jelly bean in there, lost since childhood.”

1. “I would like to see and hear the responses of his staff when they see their boss called out in the national press over his ear grooming. LoL” — JR727, a commenter on Gawker.

An obvious runner up… is ErikaBee from Gawker’s comment section:

“As all children do, I tasted my boogers a time or two when I was young. Not something I felt the need to continue, but still, it wasn’t terrible. Salty, chewy; really, I could sort of understand someone consuming it. Ear wax, on the other hand, was a one-and-done experiment for me. Holy balls, it is the bitterest substance I’ve ever tasted. Practically caustic. Never again. What’s wrong with you, Mr. Garcia?”