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I’M SO SORRY… “I owe Twitter an apology. You’re not just for casual racism and dick pics.” — Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart on his program last night in reaction to #BringBackOurGirls.

WaPo‘s “humor” columnist 

For the second time, @caitjgibson bumbled onto birds having sex and ruined it. Me to Cait: “You are a cloaca blocka. — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten.

Alec Baldwin in trouble with law

“I don’t have ID. Just give me the f—–g summonses.” — what Baldwin told the cops who stopped him for biking against traffic. Source: New York Daily News. Read here.

The Observer

“Browsing through these new Snowden documents, it’s clear that there’s no limit to the NSA’s lust for ugly chart junk.” — Vox Media’s Matthew Yglesias.

The non-Observer

“I will leave it to others to debate the line between reasonable weighing of a politician’s health & fitness and sleazy rumormongering.” — NYT‘s Nick Confessore.

WANTED: Media consultants for the scandal-torn U.S. Secret Service 

“The U.S. Secret Service is looking for a few good people — to train them in how to handle the press. The elite law enforcement agency has been beset by bad news over the past two years, including several incidents of agent misconduct, questions about whether the service is suffering a leadership failure and a heap of congressional investigations.” — a story in WaPo by Carol Leonnig.

This part is pretty hilarious… A job description describes the content they want in the class: “The course exposes the executive to the media environment – microphones, lights, cameras, tape recorders, news media personalities and their questions, so that they become more accustomed to that scene. In turn, they become more confident and less apprehensive in addition to becoming better prepared for an event with what they can say, and how they should say it.” Read here.

Twitter blues 

“Getting significantly fewer mentions since Twitter instituted mute. Hmm.” — NYT technology reporter Farhad Manjoo.

A new WaPo photo for Chuck Lane 

Freelancer and resident D.C. Gadfly Evan Gahr thinks WaPo editorial writer Chuck Lane needs a new official WaPo photo in view of his strong feelings about keeping the mouse-ridden WaPo cafeteria a secret even though it’s a matter of public record. On Monday, Gahr offered to take Lane to lunch there once it reopens and the Health Department declares it vermin free. In a Tuesday morning email to Lane, Gahr demanded to know how Lane knew that the cafeteria operator was hard working. “And how do you KNOW he is so hard-working? Do you know what time he gets in each morning? When he leaves? If he ever works overtime? Your ‘concern’ for him is just typical Washington faux populism. Only an elite, out of touch Washington journalist who wants to show he is not an elite, out of touch Washington journalist would make such a show of defending this guy.”

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