Columbia U.’s ‘RAPISTS ON CAMPUS’ Bathroom Graffiti Gets Student Canned

Robby Soave Reporter
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Graffiti is appearing all over Columbia University bathrooms, and the messages contain accusations of sexual assault against several male students.

These anonymously-authored ‘RAPISTS ON CAMPUS’ lists have already resulted in negative consequences for one of the accused students, according to Campus Reform.

The names on the lists have not been released, but included an athlete and a staff writer for a campus news website, Bwog.

Though the accusations against the students remain anonymous and unproven, Bwog asked its accused staff member to resign. He agreed. (RELATED: White House Report On Sexual Assault Gets Major Facts Wrong, Threatens Freedom)

According to Bwog’s editors, the staff member had created a conflict of interest for the newspaper by being anonymously accused of sexual assault. Bwog could no longer “report on campus activism” objectively, the editors wrote:

As a reiteration of our continued work against rape culture, we have taken steps to ensure that the makeup of Bwog’s staff, without question, reflects this. Accordingly, we asked this staffer to permanently and immediately resign from their position, and they agreed. Our decision does not reflect a position on the innocence or guilt of this former staff member, nor does it comment on, take a position on, support, implicitly or explicitly, any allegations of fact or law made against such person.

To have allowed this staff member to remain a part of Bwog would have, in the opinion of the editorial staff, been a conflict of interest, hampering our ability to accurately report on campus activism. More importantly, in the opinion of the editorial staff, we felt that allowing this staffer to continue his affiliation with Bwog would have tacitly endorsed a rape culture we so firmly stand against.

Bwog Publisher Jake Hershman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. (RELATED: Sandra Fluke Gets Campus Rape Statistics All Wrong)

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