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SHOCKING TURN OF EVENTS: “Gotta figure Rep Conyers has good shot as write-in but mortifying situation for 50-year House vet and Judiciary Committee chair.” –– NYT‘s Carl Hulse on Michigan Democrat John Conyers. 

Hey stinky Washingtonians: How about deodorant? 

“PSA to Metro riders on hot, crowded days like today: try deodorant. It’s a miraculous thing.” — Politico‘s Emily Schultheis.

Coming unglued in the Senate gallery

“A woman was escorted from the Senate gallery after shouting. As she was escorted out, she was heard saying ‘I just came here as my last hope.'” —Arlette Saenz, ABC News digital journalist on the Senate and politics beat.

Side note…Washington Free Beacon‘s Lachlan Markay continues to dodge questions about his spring feet.

Deep Thoughts With Teju Cole

“Seeing explainer sites (Vox, 538) explain a subject you know well is a vivid demonstration of the limitations of explainer sites.” — freelance writer Teju Cole.

Translation: I’m really SOOO smart, man 

“Syracuse is the first place I’ve been where I know more about pop culture than people around me feels weird man.” — Zaid Jilani, formerly of ThinkProgress. He “loves cats, the south and cheesecake.” (Seriously.)

Worst thing that showed up on my Twitter feed Tuesday: “That worthless race baiting cocksucker should be tarred and feather then water boarded til the feathers are gone.” — Jeff Wentz (no one you should know) speaking about an MSNBC host.

Not really meant for Jake Tapper

“The thing where (yet again) I send @jaketapper something intended for my brother Jake. Oy.” — MarketplaceLizzie O’Leary.


“Like most people, they’re better by themselves than they are in their preening, self-important groups.” — Washington Free Beacon‘s Video Editor David Rutz during his LinesOffTheMirror interview Tuesday on Twitter. He was asked for his general take on Washington journalists. Something else to know about Rutz: “My dad worked at CNN for 18 years as senior medical correspondent. So I always liked television and media.” Asked if he watches MSNBC’s Al Sharpton all day long to gather material for his Volume I and II “Sharpton versus the teleprompter” series, he replied, “Not exactly. That could cause permanent brain damage. I work in the War Room and we have a team that monitors his nonsense.”

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