Watch This Undefeated Heavyweight Boxer Beat The CRAP Out Of His Internet Troll [VIDEO]

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Deontay Wilder is a heavyweight boxer who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. As a professional, he has never been defeated in 31 bouts. He currently holds the WBC title. He weighs 215 pounds. He is 6’7″ tall. A good description of this man would be chiseled.

Some little bald guy named Charlie Zelenoff has allegedly been mouthing off to Wilder and harassing his family by way of YouTube for the last three years. Among other things, the unemployed Zelenoff has bragged about his amazing boxing skills — claiming 29 knockouts which apparently have never happened.

Last week, in a Hollywood boxing gym, Wilder and Zelenoff squared off in a fight — just like at the end of “Rocky III,” but in a completely noncompetitive way.

As you might expect, the champ roundly pummeled Zelenoff, while also managing not to hurt him in any serious way, and he seemed to have a good time doing it.

Zelenoff has already called Wilder a “phony” and demanded a rematch.

“I was caught off-guard. He just got lucky,” the highly amateur boxer told TMZ Sports.


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