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The Jill Abramson edition 


BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I think a woman went in and asked for equal pay and was fired for it.” — MSNBC’s Willie Geist on “Morning Joe” today.

Irony is…

“Weird that Jill Abramson‘s last story for the NYT will be about what it’s like to get run over by a truck.” — Jason Zengerle, senior editor, The New Republic.

This is the big quote WaPo‘s Wemple chooses to tweet? 

“Former @NYT executive editor Bill Keller on successor’s departure: ‘I don’t know what happened.'” — WaPo‘s Erik Wemple, who helped run Allbritton-owned TBD into the ground. Bill Keller doesn’t know what happened — OMG that’s HUGE!


POMPOUS ALERT: Journo says the NYT has no peers 

“NYT is fun to talk about. Also peerless in quality and depth of journalism, in print and online.” — NYT‘s John Harwood.

The stupid observers

“Maybe @JillAbramson took the black?” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. “Took the black” means you accept your death (

“Congrats Jill Abramson on her move to the Daily Download.” — BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski.

“WOWZA” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza.

And some smart ones

“There’s something distinctly unappetizing about the schadenfreude on Twitter over Jill Abramson’s removal.” — author and political analyst Jeff Greenfield.

“I’m confused. Someone tell me. Is Jill Abramson or the NYT going into theatrical journalism? I mean, this is all very dramatic.” — BuzzFeed Business Editor Peter Lauria.

“Six NYT reporters’ names attached to a story about the NYT. #selfabsorbed?” — Chris Olds, managing editor, Beckett Media.

“Baquet to NYT staff: ‘Let’s not get paralyzed by guessing what Dean or anybody else wants.’ Good luck with that one.” — WaPo‘s Carlos Lozada.

Someone has I-disease  

“[In awkward position of writing about my former boss] I’m told Jill Abramson is not at the NYT newsroom gathering right now.” — CNN’s Brian Stelter.


“Jill Abramson is commencement speaker at Wake Forest on Monday. Wonder what she’ll talk about?” — Washington Examiner‘s Phillip Rucker.

Jill Abramson once stole a puppy 

“Jill Abramson once stole her friend’s puppy back for her.” — Sarah Kliff, Vox Media. The story is by Max Fisher. Vox Media‘s headline: “Tattooed, puppy-stealing badass editor Jill Abramson out at the New York Times.”

Thanks for the memories

“My job interview with Jill Abramson in 2010 was one of the most serious mental exercises of my life. What a journalist!” — Michael Roston, senior staff editor for social media of the NYT.

New-York-Times-executive-editor-Jill-Abramson-YouTubeThere’s glass ceilings and now, a glass floor 

“News Flash: Jill Abramson breaks through the Glass Floor as first female editor to be fired at the New York Times.” — IowaHawkblog‘s David Burge.


BuzzFeed reporter worked for Dean Baquet and Jill Abramson 

“We talked about Grey’s Anatomy, we talked about Entourage. She was a big TV watcher, it turned out. It was fun talking. But lunch ended, and there was no mention of a job. When I did get the offer later that day, I had already made up my mind that I was going to the L.A. Times.” — BuzzFeed’s Kate Arthur. Read the full story here.

A job offer for Abramson? 

“Dear @JillAbramson, come to @ThisIsFusion as our editor-in-chief!” — Felix Salmon, senior editor.

Congratulations to… Shoshanna Walsh, who has been named ABC News deputy political director. She was previously a political reporter for the network.