Today In People Trying To Screw Up America [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos | Managing Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation

Protesters made their demands for a $15 minimum wage known at a Portland McDonalds today, and prevented a bunch of people from enjoying their American right to serve and eat fast food undisturbed.

Laughing At Liberals posted footage of the protest Thursday, which shows the demonstrators enter a McDonalds holding signs that read “Because the rent won’t wait” and “I support a livable wage.”

One person then gives a speech warning McDonalds “the movement is growing,” calling out the rich executives, and denouncing the restaurant for failing to pay its workers a living wage. He ignores a frustrated man who approaches him because he’s having trouble placing his order.

The group then exits the restaurant chanting “Fifteen Now,” as a woman explains to someone the group’s ultimate goal of every worker having a “living wage.”

As they leave, a man apparently fed up with the disturbance starts a chant of his own: “You’re all a sack of s**t”


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