Xbox Kinect And Oculus Rift Hack Creates Full Body Virtual Reality Experience

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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After cobbling together Xbox One’s motion-sensing Kinect with an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, a novice VR developer has successfully created a platform to port a full VR rendition of the human body into a digital world.

By placing three Kinect units around an empty room and piping their combined video feeds through an algorithm, Oliver Kreylos was able to create a somewhat glitchy but full digital recreation of his entire body in a virtual environment.

The experience was real enough to fool Kreylos’ brain into constantly avoiding the digital furniture, which he consciously knew wasn’t actually there, and could walk right through in the physical world.


Though it’s not quite Tron-quality yet, its certainly a impressive start.

The Oculus Rift has consistently made headlines as the most-popular VR technology to date, and has been used in everything from video games, horror experiences, drone piloting and hilarious pranks to clever advertising, social experiments, creating entire virtual environments and developing military applications.

The tech has spawned numerous other VR endeavors from noted gaming giants like Valve and Sony.

Facebook purchased Oculus last month and plans to further the tech in the video-game realm, and expand it into the world of social media.

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