Amy Poehler Gave Up Her First Class Seat For A Mom

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Amy Poehler continues to be the best celebrity in the business.

The comedian was recently sitting in first class seat before her flight from Los Angeles to New York took off when she saw a mom with an infant juggling her luggage and her kid, Star Magazine reports. That’s when she decided to be super awesome and do something that neither you or I would probably ever do.

“The woman was struggling with her baby, diaper bag and luggage, so Amy offered to swap seats and sit in coach instead!” a witness told the mag. “The woman kept refusing the offer, but Amy wouldn’t budge. She literally had to push the mom into her first class seat. It was really sweet.”

Poehler then made everyone in coach laugh because she is a delightful person who we all wish was our best friend probably even more so than Jennifer Lawrence.

The source said: “Amy ended up sitting in an aisle seat in coach, where she took pictures with other passengers and joked around. Everyone loved her!”

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