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Eleanor Clift Puts Her Benghazi Stupidity in Writing

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Here she is at the Daily Beast, justifying her moronic, morally reprehensible babbling about the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens:

After getting hammered by the right for remarks I made on the McLaughlin Group last weekend, I’d like to put what I said into the context that my critics omit. My information came from a former ambassador who lamented that complex and chaotic events in Benghazi are being way oversimplified. He pointed out that Ambassador Chris Stevens died of smoke inhalation in the safe room of a CIA outpost, that he wasn’t murdered in the sense that word is normally used. I thought this was an appropriate observation and still do, despite the hysteria my saying so has ignited on the right.

The only reason it hasn’t “ignited” any “hysteria” on the left is because they’re all as rotten as you are, Eleanor.

Here she is, spouting that nonsense:

So if somebody attacked Eleanor Clift’s house and set it on fire, and she died of smoke inhalation, it wouldn’t be like her attackers murdered her.

Does that make sense to you? Is that how you’d want it to be investigated if it happened to you or someone you loved?

Then why is it okay to say something like this about a United States Ambassador?

Good job making yourself the victim, Eleanor. We’d expect nothing more.

Update: Lanny Davis’ “Benghazi Truth Squad” comes up short on any actual truth.