Little Kid Pulls The Old Switcheroo To Woo Hottie

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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A crafty kid at the Texas Rangers game on Saturday decided to pull the old switcheroo to impress an attractive female. When Kevin Pilar of the Toronto Blue Jays hit a foul ball, Blue Jays third base coach Luis Rivera caught the ball and tossed it to a lucky Rangers fan in the stands.

The boy decided to seize the opportunity and turned around to offer the ball to a pretty older girl sitting behind him. She was shocked and thanked him, not knowing he had just pulled a brilliant move.

When the tape is slowed down, you can see that he caught the foul ball in his mitt, then reached down with his other hand to a planted ball, and offered that second ball to the girl.

So he managed to keep his souvenir ball, while making nice with the ladies. Well done, little sir.

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