Mark Cuban Hired Former FBI Agent To Investigate NBA

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Famous entrepreneur, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban was so angry about the outcome of the 2006 NBA finals that he hired a former FBI agent to investigate the league and the referees. Cuban believed there was some fishy business going on and wanted proof.

He sought the help of retired FBI agent Warren Flagg after game 5 of the NBA finals, between Dallas and the Miami Heat. Flagg, who had 20 years of bureau service under his belt, said Cuban was thinking of pressing charges against the league if incriminating evidence regarding the referees was found.

Flagg told the Oregonian, “Cuban asked me what he should do. I told him, ‘Sue and you’ll win your case,’ but he knew he’d be killing the Golden Goose.” Cuban said he does not remember anything about his discussions with Flagg.

Cuban has been fined a total of $1.665 million for speaking out against the NBA since buying the Mavericks in 2000. Flagg has also worked with the defense team of former NBA referee Tim Donaghy, who was accused in 2008 of betting on games he officiated.

Flagg said the NBA refused to turn over important records. He explained, “their story was that Tim was the only bad apple. I’ve never seen a cooperating witness so hammered and badgered. It was because the NBA was running the thing.”

Maybe Cuban was on to something.

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