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Straight couples at gay bar puts BuzzFeed LGBT editor on high alert

“Straight couples on a double date at a gay bar on a Saturday. I have questions.” — BuzzFeed LGBT Editor Saeed Jones.

‘Abramsberger’ Observer 

“Word for new lit genre in which Times staffers tweet abt Abramsberger such a way as to be both oracular & opaque thus leave no fingerprints?” — TalkingPointsMemo’s Josh Marshall.

Blogger begrudgingly heads to Hair Cuttery 

“At the Hair Cuttery. High roller here. I despise haircuts, but they are a sad necessity. I usually go longer between them but…work stuff.” — Neal Dewey, freelance blogger for The Federalist and Pocket Full of Liberty.

Blogger brings up his penis 

“As a male, I’m not supposed to celebrate this sort of thing, but I’m very glad my penis has never ended up inside @AmandaMarcotte. Yyyyuck.” — The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher. Amanda Marcotte is a liberal journo for The Raw Story.

Music helps NYT writer remember his feelings 

“Music was so helpful for me in the writing of my book. It helped me to remember *feelings* and to recall “the way I must have spoken” — NYT‘s Charles Blow, who wrote a memoir, Fire Shut Up In My Bones.

London pub’s phone lines on the fritz 

“Customer service phone lines are down due to a technical problem. Please use our live chat service in the meantime.” — The Times of London.

Journo gets his hands dirty 

“At 6 am I was on my roof in a downpour snaking a clogged gutter that was pouring water into the house. Figure day should get better.” — USA Today‘s Paul Singer during the heavy rains late last week.

Politico editor writes McDonald’s a love letter 

“Dear Rosslyn McDonald’s, I know you’re gone forever but I really wish I had an Egg McMuffin right now. Love, Jedd” — Politico deputy breaking news editor Jedd Rosche.

Watch out world: writer accidentally loses story 

“I just spent almost three hours writing a story & lost it forever to a simple glitch. Please line up to be executed, all humans everywhere.” — RedState‘s Caleb Howe.

Sexting anyone? 

“If you receive a sext from me this week @sydneyelainexo (Weiner’s mistress) art directed it because she’s living in my apartment for a week.” Vice‘s Mitchell Sunderland.

Mediaite editor crossing fingers for 2016 clown show

“The prospect of Rick Santorum and Allen West BOTH running for the GOP nod in 2016 just got me really excited for a hilarious clown show.” — Mediaite‘s Editor-in-Chief Andrew Kirell.

nose-pickingWas an editor really caught picking his nose? (Spoiler alert: yes) 

“Just saw @mattyglesias picking his nose on Connecticut Ave.” — wrote Washington Examiner‘s Justin Green last week of Vox Media‘s Executive Editor Matthew Yglesias. Asked if he ever picks his nose, Green at first replied, “Off the record – no comment.” When I gave him obvious shit about that, he replied, “I’m joking. Obviously at some point I have picked my nose. I assume you’ve done the same?” I told him that no, I’ve never picked my nose. How dare he assume such a thing. With a little muckraking anything is possible. After repeated email requests, I finally got to the bottom of whether Green ever actually saw Yglesias digging for gold on Connecticut Avenue.  “I was in a cab and saw him picking his nose,” Green explained. “What’s to explain?” In case you are wondering, yes, The Mirror sought comment from Yglesias. (At this point, the point of no return has arrived.) My exact questions: “Did you notice Green’s tweet? Were you embarrassed? Do you think he’s a giant moron for writing that? In your estimation, is this the pitfall of social media?” His thoughts were not immediately available by “Morning Mirror” press time.

More NYT fallout 

“From my perspective, the NYT is an amazing product that’s kicking ass on all cylinders. Funny how deep the self-doubt and paranoia runs.” — Joseph Weisenthal, executive editor, Business Editor.

Travel Bitches 

“I think I just lost 30 pounds walking to the gate at @AeroportsParis. #INeedToStartExercising” — publicist for the Liaison Hotel and editor of Girl Meets Food Tricia Barba.