SHOCKER: Kardashian Has Trouble Reading [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Kendall Jenner was supposed to introduce an Australian boy-band in its American television debut at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night, but she almost introduced One Direction instead because apparently she can’t read.

“[They made] their debut on the Billboard 200 Number 2 this summer,” begins Jenner. She throws her arms in the air for dramatic effect and possibly to buy her time and distract from her inability to recall or read the name of the band. “And now we welcome,” she says gamely and then just goes for it.

“Onnnee,” she says as she bends over, then comes up laughing and looking embarrassed. “Guys, I’m the worst reader,” she says in an effort to explain her mistake and endear the audience. “Um, [more embarrassed laughter].” She then folds her arms and gives the prompter one more focused look before giving up. “They’re only getting bigger. Take a look,” she says and gives the floor to the unnamed band.

5 Seconds of Summer, lovingly called 5SOS by its fandom, has been opening for One Direction and is supposed to be the next big boy band. Jenner definitely ruined their big moment, but she managed to maintain her overall hotness and charm while doing it, which is all anyone besides 5SOS’s annoying fandom cares about.

Any Joe Schmo can read basic English or memorize a band’s name, but to handle an embarrassing moment on live TV the way she did takes real talent.


As one does, she later explained herself on Twitter:

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