Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery On Their Hands For Engagement Photos

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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The only thing more obnoxious than announcing your engagement on Facebook by placing your lady hand on your fiance’s chest with your giant ring facing outward is to post that exact same photo after you got some plastic surgery on your hand to ensure that it looked perfect.

Apparently, some absurd women are allegedly getting Juvederm — the chemical that smooths out wrinkles in your face — injections in their hands to make them look younger, UK’s Metro reports.

A woman told  Pix 11, “I never liked how my hands looked, I always thought my hands were a little boyish growing up so I figured why not. Engagement pictures are just around the corner and there’s no better time.”

She said that her husband found it “absurd.”

Good God, man, RUN. It’s not too late!

(h/t UPROXX)

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