‘I Wanna Marry Harry’ Is A Real TV Show [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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“I Wanna Marry Harry” is a an actual reality show in which 12 American women believe they have been flown to London to compete for Prince Harry’s love.

The man whose affections these women are vying for, however, is not Prince Harry, but a Prince Harry lookalike. Sure, he does resemble the prince, but is clearly not him. These girls (apparently) are not aware of this even when they meet him.

The concept in and of itself is absolutely mind-bogglingly stupid and while most reality shows are incredibly embarrassing for the contestants, it’s not exactly Fox’s fault that these women believe they are dating Prince Harry.

Here are some rhetorical questions for the 12 contestants who believe that they are dating Prince Harry:

  • First of all, why?
  • Secondly, have you ever read a magazine or at least looked at photos in a magazine, especially circa 2011 when the royal wedding was featured in every magazine for months?
  • If you haven’t ever opened a magazine, have you ever seen the cover of a magazine at the Safeway checkout line during the same time period as mentioned above?
  • Do you really believe that the royal family would allow Harry, who once played naked billiards in a Las Vegas hotel, to go on an American reality show?
  • Do you have any friends or family who you described the premise of the show to before you agreed to be on it?
  • If so, how can all of your family members and friends quite possibly be as idiotic as you are? If you each have at least 10 good friends and 20 family members, that means there are 2,400 incredibly stupid people — in addition to the 12 contestants on the actual show — who did not realize that this show is a total joke.
  • Let’s give you the benefit of the doubt: Are you PRETENDING to not know this is Prince Harry?
  • Did the producers tell you to pretend not to know?
  • If you DO know that this man isn’t actually Prince Harry, does that mean you are just cool with making out with a random, ginger Brit on national TV?
  • Tell us, was it all worth it?

“I Wanna Marry Harry’s” first episode aired on Tuesday to an audience of just 2.1 million people, so hopefully the rest of America isn’t as dumb as these 12 women make us out to be.

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