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Newsbusters Editor Periodically Talks About Farting

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Better crack open a window. Every so often, Newsbusters’ gasbag of an executive editor Tim Graham can’t help but talk about flatulence. Most recently he spoke of a make believe band name he’d hypothetically choose for himself.

But before we let ‘er rip (so to speak), let’s review his tooting history.

In May of 2012, he confused the word highfaulutin with flatulent. (I know. They’re extremely similar and mean virtually the same thing.) At the time, he was criticizing lefty radio host Bill Press for making fun of Ann Romney‘s heinous $900 fish shirt. He described the store where Romney bought the shirt as “high flatulent” (yes, a shirt that passes gas. It’s hilarious.) He then ran a correction and changed it to “high-faluting” — which is not at all like high-fiving someone while playing the flute.

The Mirror is especially pleased that Graham’s band would hypothetically include the word “fart.” We wish him the best of luck with all that.