Noted Narcissist Dr. Phil Tells V. Stiviano That She Exhibits Attention-Seeking Behavior [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Dr. Phil, who is known for being a blowhard and having his own TV show, interviewed Donald Sterling’s delusional mistress V. Stiviano on his show. The interview airs Wednesday night, but luckily for the American public, a teaser has been released.

In the interview, Dr. Phil references Stiviano’s proclivity for wearing a bright visor everywhere and even roller skating in front of the paparazzi. Phil said, “That doesn’t look like pain to me. That looks like attention-seeking behavior.”

Stiviano fired back, “We all have different ways of coping.” Which probably worked when she was 14.

She goes on to ask whether Phil thinks she should have coped by drinking or using drugs.

11Alive adds that in the interview Stiviano admits to recording the call between her and Sterling, but insists she didn’t leak it. She also explains her criminal past and her multiple aliases.

Great job for Dr. Phil continuing to give this woman a platform.

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