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FLACK TALK: “You spelled my name right. That’s always good.” — Benjamin Cole, senior advisor to Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), after I sent him a link to one of my stories about him. Let’s just say Cole was a little upset yesterday morning, simultaneously trying to report me to the Daily Caller authorities and yell at me. I personally think this is the start of a really wonderful friendship.

Vegas no dice for GOP convention

“If what I am hearing about Vegas and its convention bid is true, there is no place @Reince can hide that will be safe from my wrath.” — Jon Rolston, Nevada political journo.

Just Wondering… “Can someone explain to me why @ezraklein is on TV? I’m lookin at you @voxdotcom” — Washington Free Beacon‘s The Truth Monkey.

Radio host doesn’t object to 9-11 gift shop

“I see nothing wrong with having a gift shop at the 9-11 Museum. It takes money to run the great museum and it honors the memory.” — Lefty radio host Bill Press.

Kim Kardashian is not welcome here 

“Guess which radio and TV show is a Kanye-Kim Kardashian free zone? #NewsOneNow. I won’t waste a second of airtime on their wedding.” — TV One’s Roland Martin.


What’s friendship for? 

“Last night @mitchsunderland asked me to remind him to bring his cap&gown to graduation. I asked him to remind me to wear panties #friendship.” — Sunderland is an editor at Vice; Leathers is the former sexting partner to failed New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

Only in Washington? 

“Spotted on the running trail this morning (at like 5:45AM, so early!) a young man wearing a tie, trying to learn how to ride a unicycle.” — NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith.

Scathing sports talk 

“Watching the 30 for 30 on the Pistons. Those guys were dicks.” — The Hill‘s News Editor Ian Swanson.

Scandal cannot be replaced, not even temporarily 

“Ok this is boring. Let’s get back to Scandal.” — Katie Lowes, who plays the semi-psychotic “Quinn” on ABC’s Scandal. The drama is on hiatus. The show in its spot is Black Box. Lowes saturated the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner with her presence.

Politico reporter explains interesting sequence of events 

“After @AP hit @EricCantor on immigration, he gave intvws to @seungminkim ( &@edatpost” — Politico‘s Jake Sherman.

“Jake- are you calling the AP story a hit piece? — QGA and ex-Democratic Senate flack Jim Manley.

“Nope. It was critical of him. that’s all I meant.” — Sherman.

“Phew.” — Manley.

Uh oh! Rep. Clyburn’s car hit by bus 


“My bus just hit the car of a congressman from SC. Hit the door.” — Reuters TV producer Don Pessin with the accompanying photograph. According to Roll Call, the congressman was Rep. Jim Clyburn (D), whose car was parked at the time that it was struck. The bus hit the door. No one was hurt. See here.


“I TAKE MY HEELS OFF BETWEEN.” — ABC’s Ginger Zee in response to a viewer who asked, “Can’t ABC get you a seat so you don’t have to stand on GMA?”