Oliver North: Disgusting That Senate Took Up Redskins Name Over Dealing With VA [VIDEO]

Heather Hunter Contributor
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Lt. Col. Oliver North blasted 50 U.S. senators’ decision of to spend time sending a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the Washington Redskins while blocking the House VA bill that would have made it easier for the Veterans Administration to fire officials responsible for a deadly delay of health care to veterans.

“It is disgusting to think that the Senate was going to take up the issue of the name of a football team as a higher priority than the millions of veterans who have been abused and, quite frankly, in some cases, killed by the Veterans Administration,” North said in an interview with Washington, D.C. radio station WMAL Thursday afternoon.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the independent, socialist chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, rejected Senator Marco Rubio’s push to pass the VA Accountability Act on Thursday and said he’d hold a hearing on the bill when the Senate returns in June.  Sanders said he needed more time to read the three-page bill.

“Congress has been derelict in this,” said North.

North proposes every veteran should be given a “Red, White and Blue card” to be used in a voucher-type medical system. The card colors would distinguish the level of disability.

“Red card would be for 100 percent disabled, white card for 50 percent, and the blue card would be for everything less. Let them take that to any facility in America and let the VA pay for it,” the military veteran explained.

Disabled veterans have told North that the bureaucracy is so bad that sometimes it takes 22 months to get a processed into the VA medical system.

In his own particular case, North revealed that the VA once told him to come back in six or seven months for someone to take a look at his cancer.

“If I didn’t have a Fox medical plan, I would be dead today,” the Fox News host said.

He dismissed President Barack Obama’s effort to investigate the VA, and said that calls for accountability have been ignored since the Fast and Furious, IRS and Benghazi scandals began.