Obama Unexpectedly Visits Afghanistan Before Memorial Day

Scott Greer Contributor
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President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan Sunday, right before Memorial Day and amid the growing scandal surrounding his administration’s handling of the medical treatment of America’s veterans.

Obama’s speech ignored the scandal and instead focused on thanking the over 32,000 troops gathered at Bagram Air Force base for their service to the United States.

“I’m here on a single mission, and that is to thank you for your extraordinary service,” Obama said to the troops, according to a USA Today report.

The president also reiterated the country’s commitment to ending America’s military involvement in the war-torn country and bringing the vast majority of troops home by the end of 2014. “Our combat mission will be over,” Obama stated.

He also congratulated the assembled soldiers on the good work they’ve accomplished in Afghanistan and how it has led to that country’s “progress” in becoming more stabilized.

The commander in chief embarked on his secret overnight flight from Washington, D.C. with popular country singer Brad Paisley, who gave a performance for the service members stationed at Bagram.

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