State Policy Leader: 5 Reasons To Be Skeptical Of A New Constitutional Convention

Ginni Thomas | Contributor

Arguing against the Article V Constitutional Convention made famous by Radio Host Mark Levin’s “Liberty Amendments” Washington State’s Freedom Foundation’s Trent England thinks “we are not going to save the Constitution in our country with any silver bullet.”

In this exclusive DC video interview, England, who is Executive Vice President of the Freedom Foundation, lays out five reasons to be skeptical of an Article V convention.  He says, “The left wants to change the Constitution far more than we do.  Nobody should deceive themselves. The left stands to win a lot more from this process, and even the conversation, I think, than conservatives.”

At 35 years of age, England says he is “not desperate enough” to put his energy in these tactics.  He believes we need to “change people, not rewrite paper” when it comes to restoring the role of constitutionalism in America.

England met up with Radio Host Mark Levin on the same day we filmed this interview, but out of respect and shortness of time, he chose not to bring up the topic with the conservative icon.

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