CNN Removes Story About Giant Asteroid Colliding With Earth

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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A recent CNN report stating that a “giant asteroid” capable of destroying all life on Earth after a collision in 30 years has been taken down from the network’s website after NASA informed the outlet the story was “false.”

Before the post was removed it went viral with more than 200,000 views and said “the asteroid is calculated to have a potentially lethal encounter with the earth on March 35, 2041.”

In the story’s place is an official statement from CNN retracting the report.

“NASA has confirmed via email that this story is false,” the statement said. “A spokewoman for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory says that the largest object detected by NEOWISE [Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer] measures 3 km in diameter and poses no risk to Earth. The iReport has been removed.”

The following is a screenshot of the original report:

CNN asteroid report


And the page as it appears now:

CNN asteroid report retracted

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