Donald Trump Says He Wiped Cher Off The Planet, And A Bunch Of Other Things

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Donald Trump began his remarks at the National Press Club luncheon on Tuesday by boasting about the size of his audience in attendance.

It set the tone for the rest of his speech.

“So if it sold out so fast,” Trump said to the moderator, “the first question I ask today is why didn’t you rise the ticket prices? You could’ve made some money.”

For the next hour, the chairman and president of the Trump Organization went on to brag about a variety of accomplishments over his career. The topic of Trump’s speech was called “Building the Trump Brand.”

Here are nine examples of his braggadocio:

Trump says he owns ‘some of the best websites in the world’

“I have some of the best websites in the world. You can look at every one of my projects. There’s a website. Some are very complex. And they cost us peanuts, if you know what you’re doing.”

Trump says he wrote the ‘biggest-selling’ business book ever

“It turned out to be, probably, according to everybody’s count, the biggest-selling business book of all time. There’s never been a business book that sold like ‘Trump: The Art of Deal.’”

Trump says he silenced Cher during a Twitter fight

“It’s interesting. Sometimes I’ll be attacked. And then I’ll attack back really viciously. I never hear from that person again. Especially if it’s a famous person… But I was attacked by, like, Cher. She didn’t like my politics. And I hit her so hard she still doesn’t know what happened. It’s the last I heard of her.”

Trump says he was the only one who didn’t fail at making the Apprentice

“We had 15 [imitators] of the Apprentice. And I love it. All of them failed. And they failed badly. They failed like you never saw. I love that. Don’t we love that, when your opponents fail? I love it.”

Trump on his 2.6 million Twitter followers

“I have millions of followers. Millions. I don’t do press releases anymore. If want a press release, I just put it on Twitter…It’s so great. It’s like owning the New York Times without the losses, if you think about it.”

Trump on leading some GOP presidential polls in 2012

“I was leading in every poll. I was doing great. But I love what I’m doing.”

Trump on graduating from the ‘greatest business school in the world’

“Now I went to Wharton. Greatest business school in the world.”

Trump on employing thousands of people

“I put a lot of people to work. I have thousands and thousands of people that work for me…They’re not worried about Obamacare because I take so good care of my people.”

Trump on being an ‘environmentalist’

“I, by the way, happen to be, in my own way, an environmentalist. I’ve got many, many awards.”

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