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On the California shooter…

“Every country has aggrieved and maladjusted weirdos. Only in the US can they [fill in the rest…]” — The Atlantic‘s James Fallows.


“Yep, I’m the girl in the back of the bus in a J. Crew dress grooving to @TalibKweli. #justtogetbyjusttogetby” — House GOP Policy Committee flack Ellen Carmichael.

Quote Taken Entirely Out of Context 

“Kid, the ball peen hammer is penis, balls and desire all in one. Handle with extreme caution.” — WaPo‘s “humor columnist” Gene Weingarten. Weingarten had an interesting weekend…he was also thinking about this: “I also just realized that the reason dogs can hold their poop in way longer than we can is … gravity.”

Joe Scarborough in the remake of Waiting to Exhale 

“Any parent who has children scattered knows that when they all return and are back under your roof, you can actually exhale and sleep well!” — MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

Confessional 2: Working from home leads to weight gain 

“Working from home is nice but it’s a quick path to a diabetic amputation. I gained so much just laying around and typing.” — BuzzFeed‘s Tracy Clayton, a.k.a. Brokey McPoverty.

Ronan Farrow accepts that he’s not tight with Kimye 

“Coming to grips with the crushing reality that I wasn’t invited to Kim and Kanye’s wedding.” — MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow.

PR advice for the Kardashian family 

“Congrats to @KimKardashian & @kanyewest! Don’t mind the haters, you can get revenge on them by holding your next weddings in secret. #Caring” — Townhall columnist and radio host  Derek Hunter.

Weekend Foodies 

“Just watched someone try to eat an oyster with a fork and knife.” — Mother Jones senior reporter Tim Murphy.

A conversation between The Daily Beast’s Scott Bixby and NYT’s Josh Barro

BIXBY: “Dinner menu: Sloppy Joes, steamed kale, and a gin and tonic. Anyone have a dessert idea? I’m thinking crème brûlée with Oreos on top.”

BARRO: Strongly disapprove.

BIXBY: They’re turkey Sloppy Joes with wheat buns, for the record.

“That time I screamed so loud in surprise of my friend at the airport that security got scared…” — Politico Public Relations Director Olivia Petersen.

toureThe Touré Aftermath 

“Definitely don’t agree with calls to fire Toure. Don’t see why they would, anyway. He’s just doing on Twitter what they pay him to do on TV.” — Washington Free Beacon Managing Editor Sonny Bunch.

“Dear @Toure, your disgusting racist tweets are salient reminders of the failure of  #ProgPrivilege. I hope you never shut up. #Thanks!” — Chris Loesch, music industry veteran and husband to conservative radio host Dana Loesch.

“I won’t defend Touré’s response, because regardless of the racist troll context, it was definitely too flippant, but if people are going to be offended, they ought to be offended by what he actually said, not by the lies that are being told about what he said. Clearly, he was not referring to the survival of a concentration camp as the product of “The Power of Whiteness,” but rather the effect of white privilege in America after the fact.” — The Daily Banter‘s Tommy Christopher.