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Fighting with gun nuts on Twitter… Mother Jones engagement editor Ben Dreyfuss writes a much too short story what it’s like to argue with gun enthusiasts on Twitter. The graphic is funny. He should’ve developed the story into longform. Still, it’s a start and up for grabs for anyone who wants it. Read here.

Chicago Sun Times reporter finds delight in four-hour wait for a gourmet hot dog… Blogger Neil Steinberg bonds with his family in an embarrassingly long wait for a hot dog. His lede: “So what kind of idiot waits four hours in line to eat a hot dog?” It’s worth a read.

Mediaite zaps Ronan Farrow for comparing his dating life to Holocaust film… Seriously, when is a Holocaust reference ever worthy in everyday life? Just about never. See here.

Mika Brzezinksi has a good segment idea on California killer story… As the MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host told The Daily Beast‘s Lloyd Grove, airing the video posted by Elliot Rodgers should be done with care and restraint. She says if they did run it again, she’d want it covered in a mental health context with an expert on hand. I’d watch that. See here.