Ben Carson On America: ‘A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand’

Lauren Eissler Contributor
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Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson spoke about the importance of unity in America during a luncheon at the National Press Club.

He said that the wonderful thing about America is that people have the same rights.

“That’s what America is about,” Carson said. “We’re not about dividing people up and creating class envy.”

He said that class envy was emphasized in Marxist and socialist literature, where it was said that you can never let the envy rest. As part of American unity, Carson said that we have to remember that we are Americans first instead.

“Not that we are Democrats, not that we are Republicans, not that we are Independents,” he said. “This is destroying us. A wise man by the name of Jesus Christ once said, ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand.’ It never has stood. It never will stand.”

Carson then talked about Nathan Hale and how his only regret after being captured for spying was that he only had one life to give for his country. He also mentioned the troops at Normandy, who didn’t fear for themselves while several of their comrades fell lifeless to the ground right beside them.

“They were fighting for you,” he said. “Changing the course of the world. Those are the people who preceded us, who cared about us. The question is do we care about the people who come after us. And if we do, we have to manifest the same kind of courage.”

Carson said that he doesn’t like the two-party political system but would be in favor of a new law striking people’s affiliation from the ballot, where the voter “would actually have to know who the person was and what you were voting for.”

Carson said that it’s important that when people with common sense get control of the government again, they will govern based on the Constitution and not on special interests.

“We’re going to have only one special interest group – and that’s the American people,” Carson said. “And I’m talking about all of the American people.”

The downtrodden people in America have been abused over the last several decades by “so-called do-gooders” and have been made into a dependent class, Carson believes. While he stated that we don’t want a dependent class, Carson said that regardless of their social and economic class and status, all Americans are in the same boat.

“And if part of the boat sinks, the rest of it is going down, too,” he said. “And we have to recognize that that is the reason we are called the United States of America.”

Watch the rest of Carson’s talk below: