Limbaugh: ‘Harry Reid Hates The Koch Bros Every Bit As Much As UCSB Shooter Hated Women’

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh poked fun at the media’s obsession with “warning signs” and “red flags” in the wake of the deadly shooting near the University of California at Santa Barbara, noting that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “hates and resents the Koch brothers every bit as much as [shooter] Elliot Rodger hated women.”

Limbaugh spoke Wednesday about the ongoing reaction to the tragedy, discussing the push by some to single out and report those with suspicious thought processes that could possibly lead to violence. Rodger posted a series of misogynist videos and manifestos that critics claim were not properly investigated by law enforcement.

But Limbaugh — tongue firmly in cheek — suggested we should watch the halls of Congress or be surprised by another outburst of deranged violence against innocent victims.

“We’re told that we need to get sensitive, and we need to start recognizing the traits in people like Elliot Rodger, so that we can maybe stop them before we act,” he said. “We’ve got to see the signs, and then when we see the signs we have to be willing to act on the signs that we are seeing — the telltale signs that we might be dealing with somebody unbalanced, capable of mass murder and violence.”

“Well I’m gonna tell you somebody we need to keep a sharp eye on,” Limbaugh continued. “I think somebody needs to put Harry Reid in a safe and secure place. This obsession that he has with the Koch brothers very much scares me.”

The Nevada Democrat has been virulently opposed to the libertarian billionaires Charles and David Koch for months, blaming them for all variety of ills and accusing them of being “un-American” repeatedly on the Senate floor.

“This irrationality that Harry Reid has with the Koch brothers — Koch brothers responsible for global warming, Koch brothers responsible for everything wrong in politics,” he said. “This man, Harry Reid, hates and resents the Koch brothers every bit as much as Elliot Rodger hated women.”

“I see the signs,” Limbaugh said sagely. “I see the irrationality. I see the red flags. The danger signs are clear as a bell with Harry Reid. Somebody needs to do something.”

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