NJ Politician Rolls A Joint With Election Fines

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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Dubbed the “NJ Weedman,” perennial New Jersey candidate for office and marijuana legalization activist Ed Forchion used a legal fine from the Election Enforcement Commission as rolling paper for a joint.

“I smoked weed with the fines when they came,” Forchion told The Daily Caller. “I have absolutely no intention of paying those fines.”

Forchion has been running for various New Jersey seats as a “Legalize Marijuana Party” candidate since 1998. He has lost every election and according to Forchion, has failed to file campaign finance paperwork with the Election Enforcement Commission three times.

But neither the fines, nor the string of losses will keep Jersey’s Weedman from running for a congressional seat later this year.

“I just got back from California,” Forchion said. “I brought back a lot of weed and my weed car to campaign.”

The self-proclaimed pothead said he plans to campaign by traveling around New Jersey in a van covered in pro-legalization sentiments, and lighting up joints with potential voters. He even barters pot with ink shop owners to have flyers created to promote his election.

“I don’t plan on filing the finance paperwork this year either,” Forchion said, explaining that it’s his 5th Amendment right not to file because he would have to disclose his illegal activities.

The Executive Director of the Election Enforcement Commission Jeffrey Brindle, however, told The Daily Caller that Forchion won’t get away with not paying.

“He’s a previous violator,” Brindle said. “So we had to double his fines to $13,600, and plan on increasing the collection efforts to get the fines.” (RELATED: Ohio mayoral hopeful doles out free ‘weed’)