13 Craziest Things That Happened At Kim And Kanye’s Wedding

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Obviously, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding was never going to be normal. But just how insane was it?

According to the New York Post, which has an account of the wedding day, it was very insane. Here are the 13 craziest things that happened:

  • The wedding was held at the Forti de Belvedere, but Kim and Kanye wanted the wedding to take place at the very top of a large hill, so a giant crane had to lift everything to the top.
  • There was a 49-feet, gold plated Port-O-Let, which the Italian workers said was the spotlight of the wedding and they nicknamed it “Gold Toilet Tower.”
  • Just FOUR DAYS before the wedding, Kanye commissioned 30 black marble, life-sized nudes to be made and placed around the venue. They each weighed 500 pounds.
  • Ten of the nudes fell apart, 10 were damaged in transit, and four were decapitated. The remaining six were placed around the dining table, but Kanye ordered the half-ton statues to all be moved two hours before the wedding.
  • Also, two hours prior to the ceremony, Kanye decided he did not like the all-white bar so he sawed it in half while he was “screaming at everyone” and ordered someone to nail wood to the front of it and then called it “art.”
  • A light installation that was meant to light up the dance floor took four days to install, but Kanye decided the day-of that “I’m in the center of this party, and I’m the only one people need to see. The rest of these people don’t need lights on them.” He made workers take all of the lights down and keep just one spotlight on the dance floor.
  • Kanye hated the way the $136,000 state-of-the art sound system looked, so he yanked all of it out and played music from his iPod until the reception.
  • Kim cried when she came to check on the venue and the spotlight Kanye had just installed was aimed directly at her crotch.
  • Kim was 25 minutes late to the ceremony.
  • Everyone was very drunk by the time they got to the reception. One 50-year-old woman passed out on an ottoman and an ambulance had to come, but then forgot about her once a trespasser searching for Justin Bieber fell off of a fence.
  • Will Smith’s son Jaden was dressed in a white Batman costume and was running around breaking glasses.
  • John Legend played three songs on a custom-made marble piano (that had been lifted by crane to the top of the hill, mind you).
  • Kanye gave a 45-minute toast dedicated to himself.

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