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Benghazi Is Such a Non-Issue That Hillary’s Democrat Party Enablers Are Meeting About It Tomorrow

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Nothing to see here, America. Hillary’s job performance review, AKA Clinton ’16, will be about what she decides it’s about.

Jake Sherman and Maggie Haberman, Politico:

An array of Democrats — including Hillary Clinton’s allies — are meeting this week to hammer out a united front on national security issues, including a clear response to Republicans over the Benghazi controversy…

The meeting is one in a series that [“centrist” think tank] Third Way has convened with Democrats since the George W. Bush era to discuss and shape national security policy. But at least some Democrats involved in the upcoming session are hoping it results in a coordinated and strengthened response to the new congressional probe into the deadly Benghazi attack…

Their involvement in the meeting suggests that some Clinton allies and Democrats are concerned about the stain the Benghazi attacks could leave on the former secretary of state if Republican charges go unanswered.

Well, that’s the important thing. Not whether she’s capable of telling the truth. Not whether she’s fit to run a Sunglass Hut, let alone the United States of America. Not whether an abandoned U.S. ambassador’s murder by terrorists on the anniversary of 9/11, and the lies she told to cover it up, say anything about her leadership skills.

No, no, no, no, no. It might leave a stain.

Now she and her creepy pals need to “answer the charges,” much like a child wiping his chocolate-smeared face while “answering the charge” that he broke the cookie jar. Being honest is completely out of the question, of course. But denial, deflection, doublespeak, and denouncing anybody who doesn’t believe Hillary’s horsecrap hasn’t worked. There’s simply too much evidence of her ineptitude and dishonesty.

Well, I’m sure those geniuses will figure something out. Maybe they could try reminding everybody that Hillary is a woman, and therefore it’s her turn to be president, and you’re just not smart enough to get that.

And now I’ll cede the floor to the shrieking #BenghaziDeniers, so they can vigorously and ineptly argue that this doesn’t matter and it really isn’t important and shut up, teabaggers. When normal people think a story isn’t important, they don’t even read about it, let alone scream at the people who do. But then, I’m not talking about normal people. I’m talking about liberals.


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