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COMING TO D.C.: Sex Evangelist Wants To Get You Laid

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Sex evangelist and self-help author Dr. Alex Schiller (a.k.a. Roslyn Hart) is coming to Washington to help improve your love life. And by that I mean she wants to get you laid. Her comedy event, Never Sleep Alone, is coming to Gypsy Sally’s on June 6 at 9 p.m. with an after party at Vinyl Lounge.

But watch out.

If you low-key, uptight Washingtonians are sitting in a certain section of the audience, you could be whisked up on stage to make out with a complete stranger. In other words, if you want to stay in the relationship you’re in, might want to stick to the Voyeur section. Married members of Congress may want to sit this one out. But if your name is Vance McAllister, it could be a fun night out on the town in between votes.

A description of the event: “SINGLES mix at communal tables in front and become active participants in the show while VOYEURS watch from the back. SINGLES are given discounted tickets, but they must be willing to interact with Dr. Alex and one another and may be pulled onstage for blind dates or demonstrations. Timid audience members and people in monogamous relationships should sit in the VOYEURS section.”

As explained on the Gypsy Sally’s website, “NSA draws an attractive and adventurous audience of straight and LGBT singles who are actively seeking their next hot romance. NSA is an interactive comedic seminar and party based on Dr. Alex’s self-help book, Never Sleep Alone, which will be published under the Gallery Books imprint of Simon and Schuster later this year.”

Apparently her track record is pretty good. Reportedly, thousands of NSA hook ups, long-term relationships, engagements and marriages have resulted from the NSA show and After-Party.

The Mirror reached out to Ms. Hart to ask whether she thinks she can get buttoned-up Washingtonians to let loose.

“Single, urban professionals are all dying to let loose,” she wrote by email. “They just need somebody to give them a little push and a little guidance. Dr. Alex doesn’t give anyone a choice. She is a dominant, hypnotic and charasmatic sexual evangelist who has the power to make people laugh hysterically, overcome their inhibitions, transcend their political, racial and socioeconomic differences and make connections without expectations or anxiety. Keep in mind this is an interactive comedy show/singles event that is wildly hilarious and provocative while still being very classy and sophisticated. It is NOT some weird Bangkok-style sex show :)”

Please note… Readers interested in participating in an on-stage date or demonstration can send their request to Readers who want to report NSA Hook-Ups from a previous show can call the Hook Up Hotline at 917-830-3672.

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